La joie de vivre


Enjoy the day

La Tuque offers a wide range of activities for both young and old alike. The rural area is perfect for running around, playing hide-and-seek and building huts. Older children can gather at the Youth Club to chill out without bothering anyone. There is no children’s club as such, but we do organise a programme of challenging activities from Monday to Friday, focusing on sports and games such as soccer tournaments, swimming pool games, archery and visits to the tree-top adventure park for the whole family. You can create a mural (TAG) helped by an artist, or go donkey trekking.


 Swimming pool app. 26 x 55 ft, from 3 to 6.5 ft deep, open the entire season
 Separate toddler pool, heated 8 to 16 in deep, open the entire season
 Separate swimming pool with three water slides, app. 23 sq ft and 3.6 ft deep, open the entire season
 Children’s playground
 Badminton/volleyball field
 Tennis court
 Pétanque court
 Soccer practice and playfield
 18-course mini golf
 3 table tennis tables
 Pool table
 Mountain bike hire
 Seven hiking tours starting in the campsite, varying from 30 minutes up to 3 hours
 Free wi-fi (around the reception area, bar and terrace)
 Television (for important events) in the restaurant
 Mobile phone reception (H+)

 Swimming shorts are not allowed in our pools. You need to wear trunks.

 Our swimming pools are unguarded. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

 La Tuque is located some distance from the nearest town, so there is no ADSL Internet connection available, but we do have a satellite link. Our download capacity is therefore limited. Applications that use a lot of data, such as online gaming, Instagram, video Skyping, streaming video media such as YouTube and Spotify or the uploading of photos, are not permitted. Because of the large Ping, the Internet cannot be used for real time applications and sometimes it is impossible to get a VPN-connection. Orange’s 4G is usually available.