As many as 5 stars Chefs in the Lot

The Lot is renowned for its gastronomy. There are restaurants, from Michelin starred restaurants to bistros everywhere. Apart from the Cahors wines, you’ll find regional delicacies such as truffles, ceps, prunes, melons and walnuts. Iconic dishes are Confit de Canard and Magret de Canard. Foie gras and Salade de Gésiers feature on practically every menu. Other typical delicacies are the small, round cabécou goats’ cheeses, melons, Quercy saffron and Tourtière (a special kind of apple pie).

Less formal are the Marchés Gourmandes or Marchés Nocturnes (night markets} which are all about eating, drinking and meeting people. Enlivened with live music, they make for an unforgettable experience.

AOC Vin de Cahors

From the early ages Cahors wine has been famous and features among the best wines in France. The Lot is proud of its vin noir, a full-bodied, red wine produced on the slopes and plains of the Lot valley, west of Cahors. An AOC Cahors is made from at least 70% Malbec grapes, with sometimes additional Merlot and Tannat. This rich wine, that contains a high amount of tannin and has often matured in oak barrels, is excellent for laying down and can be kept up to 10 or 12 years.