Authentic Charm

  • Bélaye, 4 km from the campsite, is a lovely 'bourg' with ruins and a beautiful Point de Vue over the Lot valley. A popular spot for tapas and drinks at Le Couvent. There is weekly live music, petanque is played and, above all, it is a friendly meeting place.
  • Puy l’Évêque, a picturesque medieval village near the campsite, beautifully situated on the banks of the river Lot.
  • Les plus beaux villages du Lot, the five prettiest villages of France, situated in the Lot: Autoire, Carennac, Loubressac, Cardaillac, Capdenac le Haut and Saint Cirque-Lapopie, either hidden by the meandering rivers or built high on a cliff.
  • Saint Cirque-Lapopie, a medieval artist village, perched high up on a cliff.  As one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, it was elected the most beautiful village of France in 2011. The picturesque alleyways are lined with countless art galleries and artists’ workshops. Along the Chemin de Halage (the canal towpath) you can go for a walk and return to the village by boat.
  • There is an abundance of music festivals in the Lot department. Everything from blues to classical music and jazz to world music can be found, e.g. the annual jazz festival in Souillac and the blues festival in Cahors.
  • Rencontres de Violoncelles de Bélaye, a renowned annual cello festival.
  • Follow the car route to see dolmen (megalithic tombs), menhirs (standing stones) and gariottes (stone huts).