La joie de vivre


La vie est belle

La Tuque is a miniature paradise and we do our best to keep it that way. We use biodegradable toilet paper and napkins and we separate our waste. For cleaning, washing and washing up, we use eco products. Power and light are used economically, which has the added advantage of your being able to enjoy the magnificent starlit sky. We use mainly LED lighting and energy-saving light bulbs. Part of our energy is generated by solar panels.

Most of our fresh products come from local suppliers; bread directly from the bakery, vegetables from the greengrocer, wine from the local vineyards. Even our coffee comes from a local coffee-roaster.

When we bought our four new mobile homes, we chose O’Hara because of its eco-profile.

Since 2018 we use an ecological water purifying installation. This means no more old-fashioned sceptic tanks, but a sewage system that collects all waste water, which is then purified through reed basins. The purified water ends up in infiltration fields, from where it returns to nature.

We now also have a charging station to charge your electric car. You can indicate on the reservation form if you wish to use it.

In short, we run our campsite on as sustainable and environmentally friendly lines as possible, and aim to develop this even more in the future.

read also our Environment Charter